Responsive Website Design, Wellington

Mobile responsive, easy to update websites, and friendly service

What is a responsive website?

A mobile responsive website automatically changes to fit the size of the screen that you are reading it on. This means that the content will reformat to fit and look great on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. Mobile responsive website design gives your customers the best online experience.

Why is it important to have a mobile responsive website?

  • Gives your website visitors the best experience no matter what size screen they are viewing your website on,
  • Eliminates the need for a secondary mobile website, and keeps content consistent and easier to edit in one place,
  • Did you know that Google gives higher search rankings to mobile responsive websites?

How can Blend Design help?

I can help you set up and design a beautiful mobile responsive website, that gives a great online impression for your brand.

With flexible setup options, ranging from full design and optimisation, to affordable self set up and training, we have options to suit any budget without compromising.
I speak plain English, and will give you the great advice, along with friendly honest service.

"Marius and I would like to thank you personally for all your help, patience and advice in getting our new website up and running. You have guided us through a technical minefield and we could not be more happy with your help through this process and the end result. You have shown great customer service and liaison skills and have guided us through a number of glitches we were struggling with." - John, Takapuna

What are your design or marketing needs?

Have an idea but not sure how to make the next steps? Need a second opinion or advice?

I am happy to have an obligation free consultation, send me a message, or feel free to call on 022 627 5852 and lets talk.


I am a Wellington freelance designer, and I would love to meet up for a coffee and discuss your next project.

If you are located anywhere else then get in touch and we can discuss your requirements.