Brand & Website UI Refresh

In this role I have been an integral part of leading the design and rebuild of the group website and refreshing the brand collateral.

The Goal

Our goal was to improve the user experience and SEO by fundamentally changing the architecture and structure of the site, to focus on the strengths and ‘solutions’ of Agilyx, highlighting who we are as a company.

A highlight of this role has been championing a brand refresh over all collateral, to bring consistency across all customer touchpoints.

The problem

The user experience and product offering was confusing. The website had unnecessarily been split into 5 regional multi-site, with duplicate content and confusing search results.

It was unclear what we did as a company, with all of the emphasis focusing on the partner products.

The brand experience was inconsistent.

Key milestones and achievements:

Website Redesign:

- Competitor Analysis
- Research brand history & interview stakeholders to define the problem
- Ideate product design solution to create a proposed architecture and user flow
- Interviews and surveys to gauge success of ideas
- Create low-fi wireframe and iterate based on feedback
- Create hi-fi interactive wireframe with refreshed brand elements

Brand Refresh:

- Research the history of the brand & key messaging
- Ideate design direction
- Develop hi-fi design concepts using key elements from company history & logo
- Create updated assets across all brand touchpoints

Project Success

We created a clean and fresh experience across all touchpoints, with clear messaging, and a respectful nod to the history of the company and brand.

We reimagined the website architecture and key offerings, to provide a clear message of who we are, and what solutions we provide.

Website design
High-fi UX wireframe

Below is a sample of design collateral created

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