Identification card rebrand

The purpose of rebranding the 18+ Card was to design an identity card with everyone in the New Zealand community in mind. As part of this rebrand, we changed the name and the look of the card so that it can better address the needs of everyone across our society.

I came on board at a key point in this project, where it was crucial to research and make some quick decisions and recommendations of where to lead this design. At the time, the project lead was on extended leave, so my manager put me in charge of the project in her absence.

Tasked with reading the backtrail of information, understanding the needs and limitations of stakeholders, and considering the needs of a wider target audience, I made a plan to move forward and meet the deadlines to get the new card to market.

Key milestones and achievements:

  • Researching and collating all information.
  • Recommending to move the card design in-house, as it was important to keep costs as low as possible.
  • Collaborating with the communications manager to jointly create the Kiwi Access Card brand.
  • Logo creation.
  • Website design -
  • Collaborating with and considering the needs and requirements of stakeholders such as the Ministry of Social Developments, and the Department of Internal Affairs.
  • Liaising with ABCorp to ensure the latest security features were incorporated into the design of the card, and all design files were print ready.
  • Time management to ensure deadlines were met to get the new card to market on time.
  • Creation of all designed content for media releases, and social media marketing.
  • Creation of information sheets to showcase the card design and security features, including accessible versions in PDF and Word formats, to ensure we were meeting our vision of an inclusive design.
  • Application form design.

Below is a sample of design collateral created

I really enjoyed the challenge and responsibility of this project, to design a new card that features enhanced security features, which will make it a secure and reliable form of identification. The updated features of the card include the use of UV ink, guilloche-style pattern, micro text, clear core card with transparent ID photo and map of NZ, embossed date of birth. We also included braille for those with a vision impairment to be able to recognise the card.

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